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Some words from clients

Testimonials: Testimonials

"I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a Body Talk session with Emma. However, she has a lovely calm manner and her gentle, welcoming approach meant I felt very relaxed and in safe hands. She had invited me to think about a couple of “intentions” for the session – things I’d like to change in my life – and I felt very comfortable telling her about these (though she made it clear I didn’t need to tell her if I didn’t want to). I found the process of her “talking” to my body by gently raising my arm really intriguing – especially when she told me what she’d found. She then “tapped” out which I found very relaxing at the time, and afterwards I felt simultaneously very grounded, and stronger - and like I was about to fly! In the weeks since our sessions, I’ve noticed subtle shifts in myself in relation to my intentions; I keep catching myself thinking about these and my sessions with Emma.  Her sessions felt like a safe, gentle, subtle yet profound means of support".

"BodyTalk has helped me in so many ways. I wanted to address back pain, which was causing difficulties with walking and my goal was to be pain-free. After 3 sessions, the back pain was gone".

“Highly recommended, Emma makes you feel so relaxed and at ease. BodyTalk has changed my life, Emma and BodyTalk have been a massive part of my healing journey. I would really encourage you to give this a try”.

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